Water, water everywhere - But Where, Precisely?

Finding Underground Sources of Clean Freshwater For Borehole Wells

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Groundwater Exploration & Protection

  • Almost 20% of Ireland’s drinking water is sourced from groundwater and springs, with a total of almost 2000 private group water schemes and small private wells across the country.
  • Clean water demands are increasing and Hydrogeophysics is a fast, safe and non-invasive way to investigate land for groundwater sources.
  • A geophysical groundwater exploration survey can locate groundwater, and also help to develop a location plan to drill your borehole without damaging or contaminating the aquifer.
  • The main aquifer type in Ireland is fractured or fissured bedrock. This type of aquifer can be detected by a geophysical survey through the increased conductivity or reduced resistivity of the broken rock and water mixture.
  • Groundwater vulnerability to contamination is linked to clay content of the soil and depth to bedrock - these factors can be mapped over large areas rapidly using electromagnetic methods.
  • A VLF-EM conductivity section display indicating an increased conductivity at 90m along the profile and at a depth of 50m. When this location was targeted in drilling it proved to be a high yielding water well in a generally poor bedrock aquifer.
  • Karst features within limestone can yield large amounts of fast-flowing ground water that can be detected using 2D-Resistivity (ERT) surveys.

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