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Safe Working Conditions

Making A Positive Contribution To Health, Safety & Environmental Responsibility At Your Project Site

Minimising your risks and potential liability is our first – and highest – priority for every client.

Safe working conditions are always the first priority at Minerex Geophysics.

As employers, contractors, and consultants who must visit other companies’ project sites to do our work, we are always mindful of our H&S responsibilities to your team and ours:

  • Identify current and potential hazards, and take measures to reduce and control the risks
  • Develop, implement and seek to improve safe work practices
  • Provide our team with information, instructions, and training to deal with accidents and emergencies on site
  • Provide appropriate PPE, protective clothing and signage, for our teams
  • Ensure good maintenance of all our equipment
  • Take precautions against risks caused by flammable or explosive hazards, electrical equipment, noise, dust and radiation
  • Report all accidents, injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences to the Health & Safety Authority of Ireland, and maintain records of same.


Seismics Surveying

Seismics Surveying

Facts You Want To Know About Geophysical Survey Safety

Geophysical surveying does not use heavy plant and machinery, reducing accident risk for your site team and ours.

Before we schedule a visit to your project site, Minerex Geophysics team members will have the necessary, and up-to-date, site-specific safety credentials:

  • Safe Pass and Manual Handling Certificate
  • Health and Safety at Roadworks Certificate
  • Location of Underground Services Certificate
  • Signing Lighting & Guarding at Roadworks Certificate
  • FETAC Level 5 Certified Occupational First Aid Certificate
  • IOSH Managing Safely for Construction Managers Certificate
  • Irish Rail Personal Track Safety (PTS) Certificate

If your project works require it, Minerex Geophysics can:

  • Undertake the role of Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS)
  • Carry out Site Specific Risk Assessments
  • Produce Method Statements

Environmental Responsibility

Our geophysical survey solutions are non-destructive, using scientific instruments to measure below ground without damaging the landscape environment and local wildlife population.

Geophysical surveying is a non-invasive, non destructive and intrinsically safe application for humans, animals and plants.

For a low-risk, high-safety, non-destructive and environmentally friendly underground survey of your project site…

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