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How To Find Depth To Rock Under Water

So You’ll Know Exactly How To Plan For Excavating Trenches, Dredging Bottoms, Laying Services, Horizontal Drilling & Bridge Foundations

Port and Harbour Authorities Routinely Survey

Port and Harbour authorities routinely survey their marine areas of responsibility to maintain desired water depths, and engage dredging contractors when needed.

Pre & post dredge surveys, Canals and waterways, coastal regions, congested harbours and approach channels

Prior to any dredging works taking place it is usual to retrieve grab samples or sediment cores of the material to be dredged and to have this analysed to determine the physical and chemical properties of the dredge material.

Dredging - It is often necessary to carry out sub-bottom profiling surveys and geotechnical investigations to quantify the depth that an area can be dredged to without resorting to rock blasting.

Marine Geophysics is used for projects located at or near to:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Canals
  • Intertidal Zones
  • The Shallow Sea

Minerex Geophysics offers surveys for marine and river projects including:

  • Bridges & Piers
  • Breakwaters & Flood Defenses
  • Harbours & Marinas
  • Plant Outfall & Intake Pipes
  • Power and Communication Cable Landfalls
  • River Channel Flood Alleviation Schemes
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

The choice of geophysical method is the key to success in a challenging survey setting - we use seismic refraction and reflection, Schulte Waves, resistivity or magnetics to clarify the geology below the water bottom.

Water depth, tides and saline or fresh water presence are given conditions that are factored into the surveys.

Our speciality is the survey from land through the transition zone into the water with continuous geophysical data acquisition to create ground models either side of the coastline or river bank.

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